Relationship Driven Marketing Solutions

Vision Statement

To create a profitable, thriving enterprise that glorifies God and is admired in our community for the way we operate, by our impact on people and by the way we utilize our resources.

Mission Statement

Platinum Direct exists for these distinct purposes 
  • To honor God 
  • To serve clients, suppliers and each other in an extraordinary way 
  • To simplify and expedite direct marketing production through web enabled solutions and strategic delivery systems.   
Core Values
Excellence in everything we do: Excellence demands a high standard of the company and everyone in it; our work is done with the maximum attention to detail and with an uncompromising concern for quality.
Highest Integrity: Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code. Integrity is a commitment to honest dealings and truthfulness in our activities and our relationships with people. A company with high integrity stands behind their work and is honest both internally and externally.
Trustworthy: To be trustworthy means that we have employees who are well-trained, dependable and committed to following procedure. It also means that we keep our word so that we earn the trust of our customers, suppliers and employees.
Service Oriented: We are in the business to serve our customers and we strive to never forget that. We commit to both an attitude of services as well as to the action of serving. We look for an opportunity to say yes to others when they need our help. By committing to serve others, we develop and strengthen long term relationships.
Caring for Others: The success of any business is dependent on our employees, our suppliers and our customers. We will strive to show genuine care and concern for each of them. We recognize that people face struggles and trials in their life. We care about their well-being and about their families’ well-being. Platinum Direct is committed to being a “people-first” company at all times.
Good Stewards: We commit to financial accountability at all levels to ensure that we minimize wasteful spending and that we make prudent investments. We strive to ensure that our employees' gifts and talents are being fully utilized and that we provide proper training for them to do the best job possible. We will also commit to utilize a portion of our resources to enhance the lives of our employees and our community. 

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