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The financial services industry in the United States, which includes both banking and insurance companies, has gone through a number of transitions in recent years. With mergers, the passage of the 1999 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, and customers who expect more from their banks, staying competitive in this market requires a new marketing approach.

The financial services sector has continued to grow - and now more than 400,000 providers are operating in the U.S. That means you'll have to fend off plenty of competition when it comes to winning and retaining customers. Combine this with the fact that consumers are looking for personalized attention from their financial services firm, and you can understand why your current marketing approaches may not be generating the results you'd like to see.
Because we understand your challenges, we can offer the custom solutions that your firm needs to generate a strong ROI, year after year.

Helping You Overcome Industry Challenges 

If you are in the financial industry, you know that the this industry faces a number of challenges. Customers today are savvier than ever before. They know they have more options, are shopping around more and are demanding more from their financial service firms. Before they jump on your ship, they want to know “’What’s in it for me?” If you can't give them an answer through your marketing programs, then you won't generate financial results. It's that simple.

Customers are also expressing the desire for better relationships – it is no longer enough for your customers to be simply a nameless account number. They want to be viewed as the unique person that they are – and your marketing programs have to reflect that. Platinum Direct understands that to achieve that goal, you need to create a more personalized marketing campaign. However, herein lies the problem - smaller banks don't have the manpower needed to create personalized marketing campaigns, and larger banks are so far removed from that ‘small community bank feel’ that they often don't have a clear idea of how to create a campaign that will attract their customers’ attention – and win their business.
More customers are turning to the Internet for guidance in securing the financial services they need. If your organization lacks a strong web presence, then you could end up losing potential customers to your competitors. This is where Platinum Direct comes in.

Platinum Direct – Solutions for Success

At Platinum Direct, we understand the unique challenges that your financial company faces, and we’ve developed a number of solutions that can help you overcome the challenges of customer retention, client win-back and increasing your ROI. We specialize in creating personalized marketing programs that makes your potential and current customers feel like individuals - not just names on a mass distribution list. 
Not only can we assist you in acquiring new customers through our own unique, proven brand of relationship marketing, but we also provide services that can help you retain customers, increase their loyalty and trust, and even win back customers who have left your firm, particularly for online providers. 
Whether you're a large or a small firm, a partnership with Platinum Direct will allow you to give your customers exactly what they are looking for, increase your ROI and make your company as successful as it can be.

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